Tuesday June 11 2024

The Olifants
Art direction & Artist

TheOlifants is a creative agency based in Berlin & Amsterdam.
We are specialized in illustration, wall paintings, graphic design and animation.
We work for international brands, agencies, startups, theatres, festivals, musicians etc. 
We are creating digital and analog,
from logo identity, illustrations, album/book covers, murals, animations to whole corporate identitycampaigns and more.  

Music: Ayotheartist - Internecine

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Schönleinstrasse 32
10967 Berlin

Call: 0049 (0)15 90 28 25 707
Mail: jeroen@theolifants.com
Facebook: TheOlifants
Twitter: @TheOlifants
NFTS: https://www.poppinpuffins.art